Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tiny legs and slippers

This post is for myself so I will always remember this little moment. While the boys were having their fantasy football draft tonight, me and the girls escaped for some story time. As I was starting book number two I looked down at these precious little legs and just stared at them for a while. The girls started to wonder why I wasn't reading so I had James bring my camera so I could remember this image and so story time could resume.
I love being able to snap a picture and freeze moments for forever.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Grocery shopping with twins

Grocery shopping isn't my favorite thing to do with two three year olds. In fact, many times I ask myself why in the world I do it. I have recently discovered a way to shop with them and the three of us genuinely look forward to the experience, it so much fun for them now.

Start with a store that offers little shopping carts and let them be in charge of picking out produce and putting the groceries in their own cart:

Promise them a ride on the ponies at the end and let them be as silly as they want to be:

Finally, if they don't crash into other shoppers or knock down displays (which will surely happen someday), they get a donut.
We all drive home calm and happy. We spent more than we planned to since I was able to take my time and browse more, but I think it was well worth it.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Off she goes, sniff sniff

First day of Kindergarten, in pictures

She better be smiling becasue she is excited to color and go to recess and becasue she is thinking just how happy and fun it will be to see her mom and sisters after school.

Monday, August 17, 2009

My buddy

Isn't the first day of school so bittersweet? I found myself crying after he went into his classroom. Lucky for me, he is beyond excited about school. In fact, last night he was acting like he does on Christmas Eve - he asked me if he could go to bed early becasue he wanted to wake up and go to 3rd grade. So early to bed it was, snuggled and cozy in my room for one last slumber party of the summer before 3rd grade.

Monday, August 10, 2009

My very own logo!

I wanted a cute logo to go with my photography and there was only one person I wanted to hire to design it. Jamie at Studo JK, she is amazing. I blogged about her talents once before here. I absolutely adore everything she does. She was a delight to work with and created a logo beyond my expectations that made me giddy. She even created a button for my blog (please feel free to snag it for your blog) and gave me ideas and tools for even more ways to improve my blog.

Introducing, See Jane Shoot, the logo:

Here are a couple of my latest favorite shots I took.

Pink Honey Party

You are invited
What: A Pink Honey Designs Party
Date: This Wednesday, August 12
Time: 7:00, open house
Where: My house
Come say hi, stay and visit and come see these cutest designs. I have one that I love and get compliments on it wherever I go.
I am certain chocolate will be involved. And Diet Coke.
These are gorgeous watches, you will love them.
They are the cutest ones I have seen and the prices are better than other brands. Besides that, the designers are hot stuff and I love them.

I hope to see you Wednesday!

Monday, August 3, 2009

I heart Firemen ~ Summer fun

My sister-in-law called me one morning and told me that some Firefighters would be at a park near them spraying children. I couldn't stop laughing at the thought and was so excited that I could hardly stand it. Oh my, was it ever fun. You could not have been there and not have a smile from ear to ear the whole time. I can't wait to do it again next year. I am dying for the station by our house to come do it for us, I made one attempt to arrange it and failed. I may give it another try. Does anyone in our neighborhood know the firefighters down the street? Can anyone pull some strings? I think it was the funnest, happiest evening of our summer, for kids and adults alike.

One of my favorite parts was watching the firemen, they were beaming the whole time, like this cute one:

We sort of developed a crush on the firemen (come on, who doesn't?) In fact, my mom suggested I take a picture of the back of their shirt and as I was shooting she said, "Jane, I told you to shoot his back, not his rear end!" ha ha ha, she was kidding people!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

What three looks like

We took the girls bowling for something fun to do on their special day. They were in their glory the whole time, to say the least. Everytime they would bowl, they turned around to celebrate and ran at full speed to their mom or dad to hug. Notice how Ava is mid-air going to hug her daddy after a successful turn.

Can it really be?

Today my baby twins turn three!
Happy 3rd Birthday to my Ava and Addie Jo!

I think it is time to stop calling them "the babies". They absolutely love ladybugs (or "ladies" as they call them) so we threw a party with all things ladies.
The ladies we all adore:

The party invites:

The party guests:

Party games and a brother so thoughtful to make a Lego ladybug for the festivities:

Party food:
My favorite part, the cake:

It's true, we even had a little moment of

"it's my party and I'll cry if I want to" :

Lots of fabulous presents, thanks everyone! :

Party favors

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