Sunday, July 25, 2010

Our Family Reunion

My whole family got to go to my sister and her husband's family cabin a few weeks ago. As always, we had the most wonderful time. I wish I could somehow have captured the fun the adults had playing games at night and sitting around the fire after the kids went to bed. Too much laughing is definitely good for the soul! I also can't believe I don't have a photo of the boys shooting their new guns. Here is our trip, in a nutshell and in no particular order.

My favorite view, my nephew Calvin's chubby little hand. Asking me for more. More treats, more bubbles, more glow sticks. Whatever he wants from his Aunti Jane, he gets! This hand is so cute, I want to eat it up, dirt and all. He had to go and move to DC on me, darn it.

My main girl Debbie (Dawn's cute sister). I love her, everyone does. I love how she makes
everyone around her happy and smile. I love how she has a great memory and I love her use of words. She has such a big vocabulary. We are going to miss her when she goes back to Kansas.
Lots of kids! (15 to be exact) Notice tiny baby at the top.
Clueless baby, he had no idea he was sitting on the top step as part of a photo.
Our strong and handsome men. Lucky ladies are we!

4 wheeler action
Rides, sidewalk chalk, outdoor fun.
Big cousins comforting little cousins.

Water slide!

Forest scavenger hunt

Impromtu glow dance by me and Aaron. We had a million glowsticks around the fire so we copied an idea we saw and taped them to ourselves. First and probably last time I ever saw my husband dance.

Living on the swings, hours of fun everyday.
Bubble makers and finger knitting lesson by Aunt Katie.
Fishing, everyone caught some! The boys ate them for dinner.

Thanks Bracken family, we had too much fun and we love your cabin!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I may have a problem

I discovered Yogurtland. It opened near my home just two weeks ago.
I save our spoons . . .It is not uncommon for me to eat this as my lunch and/or dinner and I have been known a time or two to make an appearance there twice in one day. Maybe I should get a job there? It is so good! Go discover it, you won't be disappointed.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


What is wrong with this picture?
I love it when this happens. Which is all too often, especially considering someone has two very different sized feet and needs two very different sized shoes.

My favorite pair of feet in the entire world:

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