Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Valentine Craft

I found another craft I felt was worth doing. I didn't realize how long it would take, but I would still do it again. I wanted to put a ball of flowers on my candlesticks but had a hard time finding some that were big enough and cute enough that were less than 30 dollars a piece. I came across a way to make the fabric flowers you see all over the place for cheap! I saw them at The Idea Room and I knew when I saw them that I had to have some. Can you guess what I made these with?

Party streamers! It was 99 cents to make an entire ball of rosettes, now that is what I am talking about! Forget paying 30 to 40 bucks! I did take a long time to make, but was totally worth it, I just turned on The Bachelor (my guilty pleasure) and crafted away. Now I want to make a bunch and have a bowl full of them in different sizes. You would never know it was made with crepe paper, it looks so much like fabric, but it is cheaper and you don't have to cut it into long strips.

(I forgot to take steop by step pictures, but The Idea Room has some great ones, here )

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