Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Best seat in town. . .

(or in the neighborhood anyway)
When a dump truck arrived to deliver fresh wood chips in our park this afternoon, these two were as entertained as it gets. I wish I was so easy to please. My favorite part was the huge smile on the dump truck driver when he saw he had an audience.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Feeling Halloween Crafty

It isn't too often that I see a craft that interests me enough to want to actually make it. When I came across these, I knew it was perfect for me, it looked inexpensive, easy, fast and cute! I am thinking of all the different holidays and seasons it would be fun to make one for. I found it here.

I turned these:
Into this:
and my mom turned them into this:
Where I found my supplies:

candlesticks - Michaels, 2.99 each
round base - any craft store, .50
letters - Hobby Lobby, .99 each
Glass Jar - Hobby Lobby, 2.99 each
Finial - .99 each or knob - bag full for 2 dollars or so at any ol' craft store
ribbon - any craft store, about 2 dollars
paint - my paint bin, free

(about 20 dollars to make all three and just over a half hour. I didn't have any coupons or sales and was not patient enough to wait for them, you could do it for quite a bit less if you did.)

I used hot glue for all parts excepts to adhere the glass onto the
candle stick and then I used super glue GEL.

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