Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What a deal day tip:
Almost every time I get a prescription, new or refill I get a $10 to $30 gift card for the store I fill it at. Here is how: Pharmacies have coupons good for new and/or transferred prescriptions, they will give you a gift card just for filling yourprescription with them. Several pharmacies accept competitor coupons. So, next time you have to fill a prescription, print our a coupon (click here for a Rite Aid one) and take it with you.
Also, most pharmacies will match competitor prices. Aaron got a new job so we were without insurance for three months until the new one started. I had a prescription to fill and called Costco, it was $7.00 for the month. I wanted to fill my prescription at Smiths or Albertsons since they were closer but when I called they were $69 and $76 dollars for the same one! I ended up going to Smiths, told them that Costco was only $7.00, they verified it, matched it for $7.00 AND I gave them a Rite Aid coupon (which was $30.00 at the time) and got a gift card for groceries. KMart and Smith's will both take competitor coupons and match other pharmacies, ask your pharmacy their policy on this.
If you are without insurance or your insurance doesn't cover a certain drug, make sure you call around, I couldn't believe there was an almost $70.00 difference between Albertson's and Costco.
I have been doing this for a couple of years now and often times end up getting paid to take my precriptions. If your doctor gives you a new prescription and the coupon is only good for transferred, not new, drop the prescription off at a pharmacy, leave, call another pharmacy that takes competitor coupons, have it transferred there. Works like a charm!
Keep your eyes out for pharmacy coupons, Rite aid often has them in their circular and occasionally Target will have them.


Alyson P. said...

I just did this! Keyton had two prescriptions and the total came to $50.54. I had two coupons for a $25 gift card so I essentially paid 54 cents!

TheHottonSix said...

Wow! It is almost midnight so I don't think my brain processed all that. I need you to go shopping with me. =)

Maryann said...

I LOVE those coupons. And I love your deal tips. Keep 'em coming!!

Courtney Vance said...

Jane it is amazing the ways you come up with ideas to save money. Oprah should give you your own little segment. I'm serious, you should submit it. I could put you in touch with some people to make you a tape you would be a millionare. My migraine medication would cost close to $500 if I didn't have insurance. Someone is make major $$$. I wish I'd bought that stock a few years ago.

Sandy said...

Genius! Pure genius woman! I second Courtney's comment on Oprah giving you your own segment. I'm going to email her.

Lisa said...

I'm confused! Next time I need to get any meds I am calling you. If it works as easy as the cereal coupons then I might be able to handle it! You really should see all the cereal I have, I'm sure my pantry looks a lot like yours! But, it was cheap!

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