Tuesday, April 1, 2008

This is my friend Lisa with her hubby Russ, I got to host a baby shower for her a couple of weeks ago. They are our next door neighbors and aren't we lucky!

I have been wanting a chocolate fountain and found this the perfect excuse to treat myself to one. My favorite things to dip were the pound cake, cheesecake bites, rice krispiy treats and, of course, cinnamon bears. Everything was pink and brown to match her oh-so adorable nursery. I hope she will put photos on her blog of the finished product for all to see. Here are a few of the pretty guests:


Katie said...

Jane - You are VERY good at this. Let's pencil in my shower date early...I have a feeling your demand is about to go up, and I don't want to get stuck on some waiting list.

Lisa said...

This shower was SO MUCH FUN!!! Every girl should be lucky enough to have a talented friend like you to throw them a shower. Everything was perfect and I have showed the pictures to everyone I can. Thank you so much, again and again, for doing this for us!

Dawn said...

It turned out adorable! Great job!

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