Thursday, April 10, 2008

Running Playlist

I need to kick up my workouts a notch (or ten notches) to get ready for summer. Nothing does that better than buying some new songs for my iPod. I have been running to the same playlist for way too long and I am getting bored with it. Tonight I created a new running playlist and am setting my alarm for 6:30 to run to these:

Leona Lewis: Better in time, Bleeding love & Yesterday
Jessica Simpson:Angels
One Republic: Apologize
Jonas Brothers: When you look me in the eyes
Kelly Clarkson: Behind these hazel eyes
Gnarls Barkley: Crazy
Daughtry: Home
Fergie: Clumsy
Chris Brown: With You
Five for Fighting: The Riddle
Justin Timberlake: Sexyback
Madonna: 4 minutes
Natasha Beddingfield: Love like this
I am always trying to think of some good running songs, any suggestions?
What are your favorite songs to work out to? Thanks!


Katie said...

Jane - You are so much cooler than me. (When did you discover Leona Lewis??)

PS - A little advice...No more posts for awhile, please. We need to keep those new hair cuts FRONT and CENTER.

Breena said...

I just discovered MIKA. Total calorie burning tunes. I can't help but shake it when it comes on. Grace Kelly and Relax are my favorites.

P.S. Had a very strange dream 2 nights ago. You, me and Em at the Biltmore. No idea. We've never even been to the Biltmore together have we? Maybe it's a sign you you come to AZ (when I'm back there that is). :)

Sandy said...

Me workout? That's funny Jane.

When I do get the urge to go for a run or bike ride I like to put my MP3 on Fergie,Kanye West, or Keyshia Cole and when I decide to just enjoy the view (I've got a fabulous trail by my house) I switch it over to Damian Marley (think Bob Marley). Damian's way chill and all sorts of happiness.

P.S. Leona Lewis is my new fave! They released her album in the UK months before they released it here this past Tuesday which peeved me to no end. But it was well worth the wait! I listened to it on the way in to work this morning.

Katie said...

Jane - Alicia Keys 'No One'. Promise me.

Breena said...

Leona Lewis. So that's who that is. Thanks. I keep hearing her in constant rotation here in Eastern Europe. Love her. Totally the new Beyonce.

Brooke said...

Running at 6:30am? You are my hero!

Katie and Jeff said...

I agree w/ Katie Jo-Alisha "No One" Rocks, Have you heard Chris Brown's first single "Run It"? Or Danity Kane "Damaged"!

Katherine said...

I like to run to Dance, dance by Fall out boy I always turn the tread-mill up a few points for that song, then it goes right back down when it's over. :)

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