Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter and a recipe

I hope yours is full of decorating and eggs,
a nice church meeting,
dinner with familyand lots of yummy treats
I never met a sugar cookie that I didn't like. I tried a new recipe from one of my favorite cooking blogs, mykitchencafe. I have tried many of her recipes and they have all been big winners in our house. Check her out! These cookies were super good, I made the frosting w/ the heavy cream but ended up adding an extra cup or more of powdered sugar. Click here for her recipe, it will not disappoint.


Breena said...

I'm loving mykitchencafe. I've made 4 or 5 recipes since you and Em recommended it, and I actually feel like I can cook. They actually turn out. Miracle. Next thing you know I might actually like cooking. Guess I'm being domesticated. :)

Happy Easter.

Breena said...

P.S. Remember our short-lived stint as Tulip thieves? I still sort of/almost feel bad about it, but I think of you and smile every time I see them growing in someone's front garden :)

Katie said...

I love the angle of the first picture! I also love the football egg, and looove the colors of the third pic. Beautiful! I really don't like the fourth picture though, because it's torturing me.

Susan said...

Please, don't ever, ever, ever, make these cookies again when I am around! (total overdose!)

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