Thursday, December 31, 2009

December Recap

Just like everyone else, my December flew by. There were a lot of things I did not do, I didn't make treats for my neighbors and I didn't blog much, I didn't have family pictures taken and I did not mail out Christmas cards. Yes, there were things I did not do but there were a lot of things I did do. This year I focused on my kids, every single day we did an activity or craft together. At the beginning of the month I made a list and we stuck to it. It was nice to put all things aside and just enjoy the holidays.

We played a lot of games, did lots of puzzles and spent many nights sleeping

near the Christmas tree watching Christmas movies

We did a few crafts with food. Our rice krispie night was my favorite, I like Addie's anatomically correct snowwoman and of course James made a football.

We did some service

We visited Santa Claus
We had a good ol' time at Grandma Susan's annual Christmas party. Delicious food, gifts galore, scavenger hunts, a visit from Santa Claus, reindeer and Santa crafts, white chocolate nativities (thanks Amber!!), singing Christmas carols with a great serenade from Uncle Jeff on the trumpet and new pillowcases from Aunt Dawn with names embroidered on them. Oh, the excitement of Christmas eve, I wish it would last longer. I get as excited as my kids to to see the look on their faces on Christmas morning.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

Happy New Year!


Katie said...

I would choose all those happy memories over Christmas cards any day. And all so beautifully captured!

Also, those snowman boobies are AWESOME.

tammy said...

Your kids are adorable. And the Rice Krispy snowman treats are genious.

Aileen said...

how am I going to spell "Happy New Year?" CHEESECAKE! Oh, these pics!!! Wait!!!!!!!!! we need to turn back the clock and I need to go up to Utah for Christmas! The fun I missed.....

R Clan said...

That is such a fun time. I so need to take lessons from you. Your kids are going to have such fun memories. Happy New Year to your wonderful family!

*~Petra~* said...

Congratulations on sticking to your list... it looks like you did all the important things! :) I haven't blogged as much the past few weeks either... I wanted to spend time more time with the fam. :)

I love the anatomically correct snow woman. LOL. And the pic of the kids dressed up is beautiful. :)

Aislinn said...

awww. What a great december. Next year I'm gonna stick to my list, just like you. Neighbor gifts and christmas cards and all that other "stuff"...bah humbug. :) The memories you've created are where it's at. :)

Anonymous said...

What an inspiring post! Who needs Christmas cards when you have a blog and can put it all up after the fact and actually ENJOY the moment! Good for you! Love the photos...your family seems to have such fun traditions for the kids, I love it!

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