Wednesday, July 15, 2009

They were napping, part IV

Once again, I put my twins down for a nap. This time I was sure there were no books , no pens or pencils and no chairs in sight. It was quiet alright and I gave them about 10 minutes, what could they possible do that they haven't already? I am telling you, if one doesn't think of it, the other one surely will.

I can't wait for tomorrows nap.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sweetest Party

I had to share these pictures that I took at my niece, Sofie's birthday party. It was the most adorable party, which is no surprise when the mother and party planner is my sis-in-law, Dawn. Some wonderful ideas to share.

It all started a week ago when the party invites arrived at everyone's doorstep. They came complete with a cupcake. If you haven't tasted Dawn's cupcakes you haven't lived. Knowing her, if you said the word she would deliver you a dozen. She is the most generous person and so kindly shares her talents. Now don't you all go at the same time asking her for some. Check these out:The fun and sweetness continued when we arrived at the party:

Another of Dawn's cake creations, a true work of art.
The candy buffet was a huge hit, at the end of the party each guest got to fill a bag full of their favorites.
And for the finale, the party bags. Can you believe your eyes? Hand sewn, embroidered.
I simply have no words.

All was quiet . . . again

Twenty minutes after putting my twins to bed I assumed once again that they would be fast asleep, I will NEVER assume that again. When I walked in, they were both very busy with pens and pencils drawing fast and furious all over the wall. Here is their works of art, they look a little too proud. Once again, I couldn't get mad at these faces. I let their daddy take care of time out.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

How much do YOU love Chick-Fil-A?

Chick-fil-a has cow appreciation day this Friday. Free combo meal if you come dressed as a cow. It isn't that bad, we actually went last year with a bunch of neighbors and we all ate free, we just cut a few black spots and taped them to our shirts. No one even laughed at us. Truth be told, when I go places with all my kids we can be a circus anyway, whats a few cow spots and some ears? Go here to print a costume that is super easy, my four kids will all be wearing it for a kids meal. OK, I will too. If you want to See Jane dress as a cow, meet me for lunch. I will be removing it as soon as I order though =)

If I can get Aaron to wear a costume maybe we'll go for lunch AND dinner, but I really think it would be a cold day you know where before he dresses as a cow. Maybe when we go there for dinner I will tape a cow tail on his rear when he isn't looking, ha ha.

My sisters friend sent her this when she mentioned meeting for lunch there, I think it expresses how we all feel, agree? I never met a person that didn't love the place.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It was naptime . . .

I put these two down for a nap and it had been quiet for some time so, of course, I assumed they were asleep. Problem is, I bought them some new chairs a week ago and they can't stop sitting in them. They are the most exciting thing in their lives. I went in their room to make sure all was well. Instead of being fast asleep like I assumed, they just sweetly smiled at me, like all was normal. This is the second time these chairs have kept them from napping, they are that fun. At least last time they sat in them on the floor. I kept telling them, STAY IN YOUR CRIB, so, technically, they were obeying me, right? I just couldn't get mad at them, I thought it was too cute. I was just trying not to laugh as I told them it was wrong. Could you get mad at these faces?

I'm giving these away, tonight!!

I love to make treats and I love even more to eat them for breakfast the next day. This is a problem. My solution is, as soon as I wake up and take a little bite, I quickly turn on the faucet and throw the pan of cookies, brownies or whatever under the water and my temption is destroyed, just like that. I realize this is kind of a waste so I have come up with an alternative to this wasting of yummies. I have a million recipes bookmarked that I would love to try, but I don't want to make dessert every night of the week. Tonight we are having a little girls night, cousin slumber party with my girls and their cousins, of course my first thought was, what is for dessert? I had two recipes I couldn't decide between so I made them both, ridiculous, I know. I don't have a football team here tonight, just a few little girls with small appetities. So, onto my solution. I made up two plates of my treats and the first two people to leave a comment get them.

Rule 1: You must live in my neighborhood, you know if you do. I will be watching my comments and they will be delivered soon. This give a way closes at 10 pm. If I get no comments, these will be put to death under the kitchen faucet first thing in the morning. I think I better stick to my protein drink for breakfast.
Rule 2: Cari J, you are not eligible. I still have your plate from the Cinco De Mayo flan you so graciously shared with me and it is currently full of these. I am embarassed I still have the plate two months later, I could only return it if it was full of sugar. We tried to delivered them once and will try again soon to see if you are home.

Here is what we made:

If you are interested in the recipes, click here for the smores brownies and here for the peanut butter fudge treats. They are both yummy, very, very sweet. Hopefully not too sweet for you.

Look for more give-a-ways like this to come. I have found a way to try new recipes and make my old favorites without completely destroying any sort of diet I may try to adhere to. I can still have a taste without eating the WHOLE pan. And don't think I haven't done that before. Thanks for helping save a girl some calories. Good luck, enjoy your unexpected dessert!

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th in Denver

We were able to visit Aaron's family in Denver this weekend. They live in Parker and it is such a beautiful city. The only problem was it was too short. It was lots of fun with cousins,

We celebrated this little darling's 2nd birthday

(isn't she THE cutest? I wanted to sneak her home with us)

We were able to attend this gorgeous girl's baptism,

And we went to a Rockies baseball game and watched the fireworks after.

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