Friday, October 31, 2008

Hope your Halloween was fun!

Ava and her daddy
Pirate James

Julia the good witch
Twins and their adorable friend Taylor
These girls can't believe their good luck,
candy at every house!


Amy Eagleston said...

So cute. All of them but I especially love your good witch. Seriously, the cutest thing ever! And James' pirate costume? The best one I've seen this year.

Katie said...

Next time, tell Julia to try to look happy. Did she get to wear MaKeUp?? Wwweeeeeee!

Alyse said...

so cute! I love all of their costumes...when did aaron get all of those tattoos? =)

Katie and Jeff said...

Julia looks beautiful as the good witch, James is the most handsome pirate I've ever seen (including Jonny Depp), and the twins have such bright shining faces, how fun!

Julia said...

And you dressed up as?

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