Sunday, February 7, 2010

A good book

We had a couple of extra Books of Mormon laying around the house so we gave one to each of the twins. I never expected that it would become their most played with item. I must hear the words "Book of Mormon" twenty times a day. Every Monday they want to bring them to school for show and tell.

I did not set up any of these situations, these were all taken within a few days.

When they colored, they asked their big sis to write one on the page When they read, it is always in the pile of books:
Everytime I start the car and back out of the driveway, I look back to make sure they have their seatbelts on and without fail, they each have a Book of Mormon in their lap. One time I was unloading the car and they had positioned their three bears in the seat to read:
They showed up as I took a bath and ran on the treadmill:

It is most often the first thing they pick up in the morning:

They ask me if they can take it on every errand we run:

I think that they are so excited about it so they can teach their mom a thing or two. Thanks to them and their constant reminders, I am slowly getting better at pulling my copy out and reading it more often, Heaven knows I have some improving to do.


Brandie said...

Kayton reads mine too when I leave it out. We have been reading before school and so after the others leave she gets it out to read. They are great examples aren't they??

Homemaker is not a "dirty" word said...

Since we made the totes, Lainey and Lilly have been getting theirs out all the time.

Susan said...

Cutest thing ever!

Katie said...

I witnessed this firsthand! In the two weeks I was there, I don't think they put those down one time.

These pictures bring me JOY!!! The bathtub one with the BOOKLIGHT is especially killing me.

Joni said...

Way too cute!

Des said...

That is TOO sweet!
Diane had an extra one and "signed" the book over to Alex and it hasn't left her side either! I also let her borrow my scripture bag, and just like your girls she takes it to school for show and tell too!

And with them taking them everywhere they're going to be some good little missionaries!

tammy said...

That is the cutest thing ever. Wish the same could be said about me.

Nancy Moyle said...

I love this!

Camille said...

So I found your blog through BeDifferentActNormal and have been having so much fun looking through your posts.
Darling twins!
Love their newfound love of the Book of Mormon! :)
I'm adding you to my Google Reader!

Maryann said...

That is the cutest thing!!!!

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