Friday, February 12, 2010

That boy of mine

He turned 9 today

Nine things I love about James :

1. He loves sports and is pretty darn good at them.

2. He loves to read and he is very smart. He has read at least 5 big chapter books since Christmas.

3. He is very sweet and kind. Several of his friend's moms have told me that he is always nice to their little brothers and sisters and includes them when he is at their houses to play.

5. He is appreciative. For example - two weeks ago I brought the 5th LIGHTNING THIEF book home from the library for him to read (simple gesture on my part). He hugged me over and over and kept saying, "Wow, thanks mom! Thank you SO much!" Made my whole week, his appreciation for that small thing.

6. He is very helpful.

7. He isn't afraid to blow me kisses in the middle of his basketball game or give me hugs in front of other people.

8. He is a great brother. When James is involved, all four kids play without conflict together for hours. He doesn't tease and he loves all of his sisters.

9. He is well behaved and responsible. His teachers, both school and church, have always told us how obedient he is. Even when all the kids are acting up together, he seems to remember the rules.

He got to design his perfect day today, so--we had cinnamon rolls for breakfast, played at the park all morning long, went to see THE LIGHTNING THIEF with a few friends, opened presents, had dinner at In-N-Out, and watched the slam dunk competition with his dad.


Aileen said...

Oh you summed Jimmy up perfectly! The sweetest boy. PROUD to be his aunt. We love that birthday boy! I'm so glad you posted those pictures. I feel like we got a little glimpse into his special day.

Susan said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAMES! Your mom is right---you are the best kid ever and I'm not one bit prejudice!

Katie and Jeff said...

What an amazing little man you have! You and Aaron are such amazing parents, he's a very lucky boy!

Jack Erb said...

Happy Birthday, Jims! Sounded like a fun day. But it couldn't have been the perfect day because you didn't have cookies for breakfast.

We are the Mayletts said...

happy birthday James! Carson wishes he could have seen you on your big day! He wanted to go to in'n'out on your we did!

Katie said...

What a sweet post, what a sweet boy.

Happy Birthday James! Has it really been nine years since you sat on top of our refrigerator?

I love you!

Alison said...

WoW!! For a second there I thought I was reading a description of James Foutz...

What a great kid!!! I have a couple of girls that are the right age for this catch... And I'll work on legislation to return the practice of arranged marriages!

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