Sunday, February 22, 2009

I need an intro to alcoholism & he needs a sugar daddy

I love this tag, google (your name) needs and post the first ten things. It is really funny. Here is what Aaron and I need. If you are reading this, I tag YOU!

Jane needs to find an introduction to alcoholism
Jane needs you
Jane needs a break
Jane needs support
Jane needs a ride to refinery mert bay
Jane needs a nudge
Jane needs a new look
Jane needs a good man
Jane needs servicing
Jane needs a job

Aaron needs to learn how to count
Aaron needs our help
Aaron needs new thongs
Aaron needs a sugar daddy
Aaron needs a new band
Aaron Needs a Tracheotomy
Aaron needs to train
Aaron needs some sun lotion
Aaron needs a car day
Aaron needs a bigger part

OK, your turn, go do it now so I can read yours.


Katie said...

I LOVE it! I knew this would be fun. I just didn't know it would be so ~naughty~ Woohoo!

Katie said...

Go to the list on my blog and read Mom's comment. So funny.

Maryann said...

Mine weren't that interesting, but Matt's were fascinating!! My favorites were the first 2.

1.Matt needs to date a midget
2.Matt needs to perform his own sex change.


Des said...

So funny! Thanks for sharing!

R Clan said...

That is funny...mine didn't really work. The only one I could find at the time was:

Ruthanne needs your prayers. ;)

Plus, it doesn't like how I spell my name. It wants me to cut it in half. lol :)

R Clan said...

P.S. I just did Corey's and his are funny!

1. Corey needs a haircut
2. Corey needs to modify his round tent.
3. Corey needs a job
4. Corey needs some web space
5. Corey needs a date for prom
6. Corey needs a vacation
7. Corey needs numbers
8. Corey needs help and advice
9. Corey needs a ride
10. Corey needs some new pants

*~Petra~* said...

This was very fun Jane. Thanks for sharing! :)

The Hall Family said...

Jane - This is so much fun! You'll have to look on our blog to see our results. Jordan and I were looking thru her baby book last night, and low and behold we discovered that YOU were her very first babysitter other than family! I would still trust you with my kids, but of course they are all grown ups now!

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