Sunday, February 3, 2008

Sunday Morning

Good Morning, Brrrrrrrr


Julie Knowlton said...

Jane, your blog is adorable. And funny. You are funny. I love your kids. I may or may not have a crush on James.

Brooke said...

Hi Jane! I promise we are not stalking you...but I saw a link to your blog on Maryann's.

Your kids are so cute - Phil and I love to sit behind you in sacrament meeting because they keep us entertained!

Kristi said...

Hey Jane--I found your link from Brooke's blog :) Can you believe all this snow?! I love your family...your kids are so adorable.
I really enjoyed reading your top 10 things...I now have some things I need and fast, thanks!

Kristi Shelley

Lisa said...

Wow Jane, look how popular you are!
Wasn't this snow great? I stepped outside long enough to see Aaron working hard and then went back in, it was WAY to cold for me! I guess Russ ended up going out in full snowboard gear, including his goggles! It took him over an hour to clear it all away. I mostly loved how it was jam packed into the stones on the house!

Davey said...

Jane Foutz Basinger! What the heck, I didn't know you had a blog! I never check that email anymore, plus the link was wrong - did you know that? Maybe other people are trying to find you and can't!! You had I think you have to put a . where you had the @. At least that's how I found you! So anyway, I just wanted to tell you I'm so happy you're blogging, I will be a frequent reader. Your family is adorable and I love you all tons. Tell Aaron hi for me too. Are you guys in Ut? We might end up there after NY. Even though I want AZ. We'll see...

Love ya lots girl!

Rachel Walsh Jensen :)

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