Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Random stuff

Just wanting to post a few random things.

Aaron had to be out of town on my birthday last week (oh, woe is me - no, not really - it was a great day!). My kids gave me this when I woke up. I treasure it. (thanks mom)

While doing the dishes Monday evening I got to enjoy this beautiful view. I don't know what I enjoyed more, the rainbow or the cutest attached vases my sister sent me for my birthday (thanks Kate!!) I am obsessed with them.
When Aaron got back in town I mentioned to him that my car was a mess. The next thing I knew, he took all the kids Mother's Day shopping and when they got home I opened the garage door and this is what I saw. All five of them, busy at work. Made me so happy.

And last, Antrhopologie sends me a coupon for my b-day every year. They are always packaged to die for. This year was a little card with a candle, the candle is part of a necklace. How fun is that?


Aislinn said...

Happy Belated b-day!!

Katie said...

I love that apron!! And I love that bud vase. Your sister Katie sounds amazing.

Joni said...

Love the apron! The rainbow is beautiful. Happy to hear you had a good day.

Julia said...

I'm a terrible friend who forgot your birthday. Hope it was a good one lady.

Camille said...

Happy Belated! Glad to see your family spoiled you! What a darling apron :)

Aileen said...

The apron is a treasure for sure! The sight of them all cleaning the van is as well!

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