Saturday, January 16, 2010

Therapy, Sports Therapy

I have mentioned before that James is way into sports. He wakes up every morning at 6 AM and the first thing we hear coming from the family room is ESPN or the game from the night before that he set to record since he had to go to bed. Sometimes it is an old game he loved, he watches those several times as if he had never seen them before.

It can be an issue when there is a really big game or his very favorite team playing. It affects him in a way that I can understand to a degree. I have felt that disappointment before. I remember like it was yesterday going to my brother's high school basketball games that were so important to me, if it was a bad game I would be sad and really frustrated. I have a clear memory of the Phoenix Suns losing in the 1993 playoffs and the disappointment that followed. Or the time I was living in Oregon and the Arizona Diamondbacks won the world series, I was energized!

Sports are fun that way. I grew up with a dad and brother that loved playing and watching sports and I saw it firsthand. They are exciting, stressful, frustrating, nerve racking and create an energy you don't find other ways. We sit, we stand, we jump, we scream, we dance and celebrate and we yell at the television. The greatest games and plays are fun to reflect on for years to come. I was always amazed how my dad would remember a specific game, players name and number, inning, quarter or half, the year it was played and that specific, awesome play. I think a lot of people can do that, you remember those very best and worst games and plays like you do major life events.

The past college and NFL football seasons are the first time we realized the effect sports have on James. A couple of times he was so frustrated that we had to pull back a bit on the football. We have had talks about it. He knows what is a good way to act and what isn't.

I noticed he has been so pleasant after his losses for a while now. I also realized what he did after a game tonight and then realized he has been doing it for most of the season.

He turns on the XBOX, pulls up the two teams that played the game and he plays it, the right way. Once his game is over and his team won, he has gotten over the real loss and replaced it with his XBOX win! I love his way of dealing with it. Quietly, without a word, turns on the game and lets it all out. His therapy. Doesn't bother anyone, doesn't tease his sisters, doesn't slam his door or talk back to anyone. He very quietly sits down and deals with it. Somehow he always wins the game version of the real game, never a loss.

Tonight it was the Cardinals loss.

Good boy, always cheers for his mama's hometown teams. I asked him yesterday what NBA team he likes the best and he basically told me he was taking applications trying to decide. He said he needed to look into the different teams and see what he thought of them. I told him he needs to make it the Suns.


Anonymous said...

It's good to know another little boy out there is also SO OBSESSED with football/sports at such a young age! I feel my days are numbered with tv that isn't constantly on far it's only a few times a day! And Brennan also LIVES to play xbox football...admittedly, I have a love/hate relationship with his attachment to you have to limit James on playing sports on XBOX?

Glad to see he's dealing with the losses in a more positive way...thankfully Brennan still lets it roll off pretty good, in that regard we are doing well!

Katie said...

James, you are on to something!! Would someone please invent an XBOX game where I can fill a shopping bag with everything I just bought at the mall, and then change the amount that was charged to my credit card?

It would make me feel better, too.

Susan said...

I love how James feels things so deeply and personally. If it were just sports loses that got to him, I would say that is pretty typical, but when I see how hard he takes his cousins leaving after a visit, I'm sure it's because he's not only a devoted sports fan, but because when he loves something, it is with all his heart and soul.

BEWARE to any girl that breaks his heart.....she'll have ME on her trail!

Johnston Family said...

Hey Jane! So sorry that it has taken a little while to get back to you about dance. But if you want to give me a call: 801-792-2670 I can give you the details & sign them up if ya want. Classes start first week of Feb.

Breena said...

I LOVE this! Brilliant. Haha. At age 32, I haven't quite learned how to deal with my anger as well as James. I'm afraid if I tried to play xbox to manage my emotions that even more cursing and yelling at the TV would ensue ;)

Anything I can do from afar to convince/brainwash James that his favorite basketball team is the Suns? Bribery? Does he like Lebron James? I have a Lebron James bobblehead from the cavs game I could send...if he commits his heart and soul to the Suns. :)

R Clan said...

He is so cute. I really am going to miss him in Cub Scouts.

I remember when my brothers all played their sports. I would be so happy when they won but would feel awful when they lost. Unfortunately I got some of those emotions when I played sports myself. I would be really ticked when we lost or if some bad call was or wasn't made. Glad to see you makes everything right after the fact though. :)

The Hall Family said...

I remember when the Suns lost that huge game, too. We were all so heartbroken! It WAS a big deal, wasn't it! The whole town went crazy. Good memories!!! What is it about boys and sports!! It's so cute, though!

*~Petra~* said...

I was sad to see the Cardinals lose to the Saints. I like Kurt Warner... he is a good guy.

James should be friends with Dee... they sound so alike when it comes to sports. I never thought I would have such a girly girl daughter that would spend her TV time watching ESPN... and when the Cowboys lost yesterday it was a heart wrencher for her. :( I'll have to tell her about James' Therapy... she loves Madden 10 :)

Aileen said...

It's that same part of his personality that makes it so hard for him to say good bye to his family..LOVE HIM!

KJ said...

jane, my husband does the same thing with his ps after watching a real game. he's a grown up, supposedly! and yay for the diamondbacks--I remember that game and was totally stoked. also, I used to shed actual tears over the jazz. sad, but true. I think your boy sounds like a super great kid.

Brandie said...

That is funny. Dalton can't do that because he gets too worked up playing the Wii. Man I need to channel that anger, frustration somehow!!

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