Friday, June 5, 2009

Free chocolate

Visit this website every Friday now through September for a free Mars chocolate candy. I already got one coupon in the mail and just registered for another. They give away 250,000 per week, so register earlier in the day. Although, today I did it at almost 5PM and I still got one.

(I am not responsible for any weight gain resulting from an extra chocolate bar a week)
I just noticed that there is a limit of four per household, sorry. At least you won't be eating THAT many extra chocolate bars, four can't hurt, right?


Katie said...

I'm trying to decide which word I like better...




Lorie said...

I totally am blaming you! Because I knew about the free candy bars, but didn't know you could get a new one every week!

Krista said...

I guess I should have checked your blog last night. Well, there is always next week.

Joni said...

Mmmm yummy! Thanks for always telling us about good deals, especially free chocolate!

Dan and Melissa said...


Matt & Darla said...

Hey, Jane! I just found your blog! Now you have ours too and we can keep track of each other better!

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