Thursday, June 25, 2009

Adventures in babysitting



When I was little, the word BABYSITTER was right up there with words like ICE CREAM TRUCK, BIRTHDAY PARTIES and SATURDAY MORNING CARTOONS. That's because our babysitter was Alison. Seriously, having Alison take care of us was a party in itself!

My mother, a self-proclaimed paranoid parent, trusted Alison so much that she let her start babysitting for short periods when she was only ten . . . and she was amazing! We loved her like family and still do.

On one occasion, she took me and my sisters to the mall for a photo session.

I think this is when "Babysitter" began to blur into "fourth sister."

Today, Alison is as wonderful a mother as she was a babysitter. She has seven beautiful and talented children. My mother has always said that Alison's life should be an inspirational movie.

I know it is a little early, but - - -


Alison said...

SHUT UP!!!!!!! I feel so... famous!!!

Seriously, I can think of nothing witty to write... my eyes are brimming with tears!

You, and your family... ROCK!!!!

I love and miss you all...

Susan said...

AMEN to everything you said!
If my calculations are right, it has been 41 years that the world has been blessed.

Alison said...

Second time in 24 hours that my breath has been taken away by a Foutz.

First... your cute post Jane. Second... seeing my age in print... and realizing that Susan has somehow kept track!

Katie said...

I used to wonder how I got so lucky to be raised by the world's best parents. That they were also assisted by the world's best babysitter seems downright unfair!

We love you Alison!

Aileen said...

I will never forget Alison taking us to Metro Center! We were walking around the food court hoping people would mistake her for our older sister and then feeling proud when they did!I will never forget how excited we were whenever she came over. I remember a few times when Alison couldn't babysit and we had a "substitute sitter" and being SO disappointed. Who knew a babysitter could come to mean so much to a family! We love you Alison! I love looking at your blog abnd seeing what an amazing family you are raising. It's no surprise- you've had the "it factor" when it comes to making life fun for children all along!

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