Monday, March 9, 2009

Preview of tommorrow's Dress Sale!!!

I was able to go to the dress sale today to check out the
inventory and there are some cute ones.

Here are the dresses I have picked out for my girlies.
The polka dot one is dark brown, not black.
Tuesday, March 10
9-11 AM
If you need an address or directions email me or leave a
comment with your email and I will email you. Thanks!


Lorie said...

You are making it painful! Wish I was in UT! Those black polka dot dresses are to die for cute!

Laura said...

Can't you just send me the cutest ones. Abby NEEDS those dresses!!

*~Petra~* said...

Wish DeAnna was little again... what absolutely adorable dresses :)

Julie Knowlton said...

I wish Beau was a girl.

senategirl said...

AYE! I wish I could have hopped on a plane and bought some!

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