Monday, March 16, 2009

The best aunt ever

My very favorite Aunt Marilyn came to town to visit and we got together for a day of shopping, fun and laughing until we cried.

Here is a list of 10 things I love about Aunt Marilyn
1. She is beatiful and stylish.
2. She has a great sense of humor and tells the funniest stories ever.
3. She is a great cook and an amazing hostess.
4. She is thoughtful and generous, always remembering birthdays and new babies.
5. She is one of the most creative people I know (her house is TO DIE FOR!)
6. She taught me not only to love See's Chocolate, but how to hide it.
7. She is the most fun shopping partner.
8. Me + Aunt Marilyn = a party
9. She made me my first prom dress.
10. She reminds me of my mom.
Shopping for my twins bedroom / With my gorgeous cousin Jenny

My favorite stylist and cooking partner

I can't wait for our next shopping weekend together!!


Aileen said...

I'll never forget the time I got my first broken heart and mom was out of town. Marilyn was there for me at 2:00 in the morning!!

Susan said...

Not only is she the best aunt, she is the BEST sister! Since Jim passed away, she always sends me gifts for Christmas, Valentine's day and my birthday.

I love my sis!

Katie said...

I wish I could have been part of the shopping!

Lucky for me, Marilyn flies to Santa Barbara every chance she gets. My *favorite* weekends are the ones I spend with Aunt Marilyn...Shopping, spa treatments, and celebrity sightings till we drop!!

Anonymous said...

You are way too sweet, Jane!!!
Actually, you are the talented one and I love you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are way too sweet, Jane!!!
Actually, you are the talented one and I love you!!!!!

Julia said...

I miss you Jane, I want a day to hang out with you until we cry!

Dawn said...

She is the best aunt ever! Love her house and how sweet she is. When we lived in AZ and away from Grandma Susan, we would go visit Marilyn to get our "Grandma" fix. When we visited her on Halloween, she FILLED the girls buckets with candy and was so happy we came to visit. It was so fun shopping with you Marilyn - thanks for the many laughs!

Joni said...

How sweet! I can't wait to see your twins room when they get big girl beds, it will be beautiful I'm sure.

Maryann said...

One question: Why didn't she call her other niece when she was in town?

It's clear who her favorite is.


:) Love you Marilyn!

R Clan said...

That sounded like a lot of fun. What a wonderful fun family you have.

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