Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving at the cabin

We went to my sister and her husbands family cabin for the weekend with my mom and two sisters and their families. It was too much fun, I simply couldn't narrow my favorite things down to just a few photos so here are some collages with lots of pictures of the highligts:

Our gorgeous views:
OK, so this is probably my favorite part,
meeting my new nephew, Calvin.
Can you say perfection? :

Spending time with the kiddos, and laughing until we cried:

Crafts, slime, jewelry making, cookie decorating and more:

Snowball fights, snowmen, swinging and
enjoying the gorgeous snow:

Adventures on the 4 wheelers:

Karaoke, charades and dancing:

cousins, sisters, brothers and best of friends:

Playing until we crashed:


Susan said...

The most fun possible without
breaking the law!!!!

Katie said...

Is it Thanksgiving 2009 yet???

Alison said...

When I first starting reading your post, I panicked! I was very worried that you had all spent the weekend in a cabin in Brian Head. The reason for the panic??? That is where we were and the thought of all you Foutzes that close just made me a little sad...

But alas, I see that you weren't in Brian Head. I can tell because your sky was much clearer and bluer than ours!

Looks like a wonderful weekend!!!! Those are some seriously beautiful kids!

Dawn said...

Did you get in trouble like I did after the Sept. birthday post?

It looks like a blast - wish we could have been there (well, except for the snow part).

We missed you guys - it's good to be back.

Andrea said...

How FUN!! I wish I could come (how do I get to be part of your family? Hmmm... Aidan really needs one of those little babes of yours!)

Beautiful pictures. Glad ya'll had fun.

R Clan said...

That looked like waaaaaay too much fun. Is that allowed? What a fun way to spend the Holiday.

Krista said...

I was jealous just hearing about it, but now that I have seen the pictures I am green with envy. Looks like so much fun. Rilie did notice James' hat and took it personally. What goofy kids we have.

Simply Tickled Pink and Blue said...

You always look like you are having so much fun. I love your photo collages, perhaps you could show me how to do them too. I am coveting your talent.

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