Thursday, August 14, 2008

20 minute pick up

I think my mom invented the 20 minute pick up. It is brilliant! You set the timer for 20 mintues and the whole family runs through the house picking up and cleaning. For me 20 minute pick ups are equivalent to me doing 1 hour and 20 minutes alone (and when the babies are old enough, 2 hours). The whole house gets picked up, dusted, vaccuumed and mopped. Nobody minds 20 short minutes and it is amazing how much gets done. When I was younger my mom would just say the words "20 minute pick up" and all six of us would get busy. Now I am the one that gets to say "20 minute pick up" and my house is magically cleaned.

Glorious 20 minute pick up. I love you.

Thanks mom for coming up with those four words and the actions that follow.


R Clan said...

Maybe I should change mine to twenty minutes. I'll set the timer for 10 minutes and make the kids help pick everything up. That certainly is not enough most of the time but the twenty minutes might do it. That is such a good idea!

Katie said...

Happy memories, those 20 minute pick ups.

Do you remember drying the dishes and singing, "Pass it on and give it to me?"

Katie said...
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Julie Knowlton said...

I want to make it a goal in my household to say the words, "2 hour nap" and then the whole family will fall asleep for 2 hours.

Homemaker is not a "dirty" word said...

My mom used to do the same thing, mainly with our very messy bedrooms. Maybe we should give it a try!

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