Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We all scream for ice cream (and cookies)

Simple Summer Dessert
1. Make some chocolate chip cookies (or buy some)
2. Crush cookies on the bottom of a spring form pan and drizzle with Magic Shell. Freeze for a few minutes.

3. Place cookies around the edges of the pan

4. Fill with a half gallon of your favorite vanilla ice cream and drizzle with Magic Shell again. Freeze for a couple of hours.


TheHottonSix said...

Oh Yum! Look at you fancy shmancy.

Katie said...

Unless you can deliver to my door immediately after posting, I really don't need to see pictures like this on your blog.

Breena said...

You're an evil evil woman. My pants seem tighter just reading your blog.

What's the recipe for your cookies again?

Brett & Candace Maylett Family said...

Thanks for all the fun. I'm so glad I was able to test taste the treat. You're amazing! I'm totally going to make it. The "I miss my husband" parties are so good for me. Gracias
...and I hope your kidding about the typhoon.

joey said...

That looks awesome, so how many points for one bite? =)

Lisa said...

Where do you come up with these!?! Next time you want to try something fancy like this let me know, I would love to tag along to the store and then hang with you while we cook. You could even just hold Taylor and I"ll do the work!

Brooke said...


Henich Family said...

Hi Jane!

Thanks for posting on my is fun to see everyone's. Yes I have "stalked" your blog and you always have so many fun things.


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