Thursday, May 22, 2008


5 moves
2 states
2 college degrees
5 jobs

4 kids
happy times
sad times
30 pounds (or so, damn it)

lots of fun, laughter & love
the world's most patient husband
Nine Years
(and much, much more)
A very happy couple


Katie said...

I love, love, LOVE this post! (you're a hot wife, by the way) BUT...Shouldn't Jack and I be in the equation somewhere?? We've spent more time living with you than your own children, I think.

Amy Eagleston said...

I love this post (especially the damn it part). Congrats on nine years!

R Clan said...

Happy Anniversary. That is so awesome. I really think you guys are wonderful.

Jessup Jive said...

Happy Anniversary! You can tell you are so happy together!

Anonymous said...

from my calculations Jane, average of 10 extra pounds per kid means you are 10pounds under weight...way to go, that doesn't even count the twins thing which definitely adds more too! =) Wish I could say the same =) Love this post, congrats on 9 years, we are just about to have our 9th as well, wow how time flies! Be sure to post on any to hear what you did.

Maryann said...

Happy Anniversary! Cute post. You guys are so fun!!

Dawn said...

You look fabulous! I hope you have a fun weekend - we love spending time with your fun family! You're the best!

Breena said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm seriously in shock it's been nine years. And I'm not sure what 30 pounds you're talking about because you're pretty damn hot.

Katherine said...

You're so cute! I love this post.

Brooke said...

Happy cute is this post!

Brandie said...

Love this post. I didn't blog or check blogs last week so I would have commented sooner but I took the week off. I have doing that lately with a lot of things. Anyway thanks for always commenting on our blog. IT makes it a lot more fun. You are the best!!

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