Thursday, January 31, 2008

Best Buddies

James has been off track and he and Julia have so much fun together. One of my favorite things in the world is when they spend hours playing busily together. This photo is one afternoon during quiet time when they decided to watch a movie together. They cozied up the whole time. They are little buddies.

Seeing Double

A few shots of a typical day with these girls. Hardly ever a dull moment.

Top Ten Thursday

Ten Things I would rather not live without

Chi Flat Iron. I have been round brushing my hair for 10 years and am sick of it. I hated fixing my hair and it would take forever to fix, my hair is so curly on the bottom. This has changed the way I feel about fixing my hair. It is done in no time flat. It curls Julia's hair great too!

Avon moisture therapy hand cream. I think it is safe to say that I am obsessed with this stuff. I apply it at least 8 times a day and would die without it. When it is a good price I have been known to buy 25 tubes at a time. I get nervous if I don't have a tube in my purse, the car, my nightstand, bathroom, kitchen, by the computer, you get the point (I told you I was obsessed). Aaron calls it my grease and I get mad because it is so not greasy. I can't stand greasy lotion (keri, eucerin), they give me the chills.

Hand Sanitizer. Don't leave home without it. Need I say more?

Diet Fountain Drinks. Extra Ice. My favorite afternoon refreshment. Sonic happy hour really is.

High thread count sheets. We didn't know what we were missing until my mom gave us our first set for Christmas two years ago. If you are not sleeping in good sheets, run to the store today and pick some up. You may be sorry in the morning when you don't want to get out of bed, I am warning you. I LOVE my bed.

Treadmill. Nothing feels better than when you step off the treadmill after a good, long, hard run.

iPod. Without it I would never get on the treadmill.

DVR. How did we live without these? Gone are the days of rushing home to catch my fav shows, setting the vcr to record or trying to get the kids to bed before a show starts. Watch shows on my schedule and forward the commercials. So convenient.

Tweezerman tweezers. In my opinion the only brand worth purchasing. I love their tools. I use mine almost daily and would be lost without it.

Thanks to Dawn for this great discovery. I about bought a new dishwasher because my dishes were awful. Now with Lemishine my dishes look like the day I bought them. If you have hard water and your dishes are spotty and frustrating, this will be your new best friend. I was in the best mood when I opened my dishwasher the first time I used it. I felt like I got all new dishes. I love it so much that I sent in my testimonial to the company. (I do stuff like that)

Rowenta Iron. Ironing is actually fun with this. If you don't have one, get one next time your iron dies. Everything is much more enjoyable with great tools. (chores,hobbies, everything)

(That was actually 11 things)

Monday, January 28, 2008


A while ago I heard Ava crying so I went to see what was wrong. This is exactly how I found her. I wish I knew how she got herself into this situation. I thought it was so funny and felt bad laughing and making her wait while I grabbed my camera but I couldn't resist. As you can see, she was not too happy.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

New Recipe Sunday

You might not know how spoiled I am. My mom is a wonderful cook and every Sunday she makes us dinner, the most delicious dinner with the most beautifully set table.. I haven't cooked Sunday dinner for years, oh and she refuses to let me help her with the dishes. How lucky am I? Well, she had an idea for a new tradition, new recipe Sunday. Once a month our meal and dessert will be recipes we have never tried. I love this idea. I always read cookbooks but rarely actually try the recipes I mark. My brother Jeff and his wife Dawn and their kids, Bella, Sofie and Reed come too. Tonight my mom made Aussie chicken, it was tasty! It was topped with a sweet mustard sauce, mushrooms, cheese and bacon. I made a tomato pie that Jane Clayson raves about and strawberry pretzel salad from Paula Dean. For dessert, Dawn made polka dot cookies, I think I at five. They were very tasty. I like this new tradition. I need to start looking for next months recipe.

Welcome to my blog

I have so much fun reading the blogs of my friends and family so I decided to start one of my own. I want my blog to be fun and lighthearted, full of my favorite things, stuff I can't live without, friends and family. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy yours.

Here are four of my favorite little people to start, James, Julia, Ava and Adalie Jo, oh how I love them so!!! I took these pictures with the camera Aaron got me for Christmas, I still don't really know how to use it but am excited to take classes and learn more my camera and photography. I have so much fun capturing these little faces.

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