Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Birthday James

Happy Birthday to my 11 year old boy!  A few things about James:

He is a very nice boy, his teacher emailed me and said he is a friend to everyone.
He is very smart, he reads about his grade level and constantly improves
He is athletic, he loves all things football and basketball
He knows the rules of football and basketball better than anyone I know
He would rather watch ESPN than anything
He is a good big brother and is cute with his sisters.  

 He also saluted cub scouts goodbye, crossed the bridge and signed his name and entered the world of Boy Scouts.  He earned his arrow of light and Webelo.  We are so proud of him. 


Krista said...

So Handsome! It looks like he had a great day, although his best present came a couple of weeks ago. Peace on the field! Happy Birthday to our favorite Giants fan!

Marilyn said...

That boy warms my heart! I love your blog, Jane!

Katie and Jeff said...

If I EVER have a boy I want him to be like James! A total boy but so sweet!

Susan said...

I second every thing you said! Oh how we love our "Jimmer"!!

Katie said...

Happy Birthday Jimmer! I'll never forget eating Papa Johns pizza at the hospital the night you were born.

I especially love the picture of the two of you here - So cute!

Henich Family said...

Oh how I love and adore everyone in this post. Jimmers you are a great kid....and I love that you are my daughters fist love. :)

Joni said...

Happy Birthday James! Thanks for being a great friend to Dallin. You and your mom look a like! Congrats on your webelos and arrow of light!

Unknown said...

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