Thursday, May 7, 2009

Trip to the doctor and the prize

Today Adalie had a fall, became very lethargic and threw up. She had a concussion and had to been taken right to the doctor. I was very worried.

She seemed to be fine when we arrived and showed signs of improvement.

At the end of her appointment she received a token.

The token would work in a vending machine full of toys, eight different choices.
She looked at all the choices:

Sparkling bracelets

Glittery rings

Little rubber monkeys

Puzzle balls

Bouncy balls

squishy balls

cute little animals

What did she choose?

Why, this:

It was the first time since her fall she laughed and smiled and we were so glad. What a silly prize for a pediatrician to have, I think we will get one everytime because our whole family got a big laugh from it.

Here are a few of her and Ava mustache free that we took before realizing just how bad her fall was. Actually, we started to get nervous as we took photos because she just wasn't acting herself and being smiley so we quickly aborted the photo session and gave the nurse a call.


Daily Jot & Tittle said...

Jane, could they be any cuter? I'm glad everything turned out okay, that is scary! I love the photos you did take, the balloons, outfits, everything looks just perfect!

Katie and Jeff said...

Thank goodness she's OK! On the bright side now you know if she ever grows a mustache she will still be absolutely darling! Cutest darn photo shoot Janie!

Katie and Jeff said...

BTW where did you get those dresses!!?

R Clan said...

We gotta go just to get a stache. That is funny. Those pictures are adorable.

Aislinn said...

That mustache is HILARIOUS! Glad she is doing better, those pictures are to die for.

Andrea said...

Ok, my kids are going to have to get the "stache" next week when we go back to the pediatrician! (We are there like every week for something.)

Is Adalie okay? Last night I was worrying about her.

Katie said...

We said so many prayers for Addie Jo yesterday, I'm certain I heard heaven say "Enough already!!"

The mustache picture is amazing. If I saw that child leaving the pediatrician's office I would shake my head sadly and wonder what she was being treated for.

Kristi said...

Poor little thing...that would have worried me so much! Happy to hear she is doing better! That mustache is hilarious...and all the pictures are ADORABLE! What lucky children to have a mother who is so talented at photography!

Amber said...

That is so funny, that is exactly what Brad choose from the dentist. These two are going to be such an item when they get bigger. I'll have to show you Brad's pic later. So glad miss Addie is ok, love your kids!

kami @ said...

How scary! I am glad she is okay and that she likes moustaches. ;)

I love the baby blue and red pics!

Anonymous said...

My first thought: From now on, the doctor should just give out the token first and observe which prize is chosen. Any child that picks the mustache is CLEARLY concussed.

My second thought: Jane took a photo shoot to preserve memories of her child BEFORE calling the doctor? Maybe Jane should be given a token.


Krista said...

So glad that she is okay today! I cannot believe how adorable they are. Ty is definitely going to have more competition than Brad to worry about.

Susan said...

Addie - don't you ever fall and hit your head again! My heart can't take it!

Cutest pictures ever!

Aileen said...

I am just dying from my head to my toes over the mustache & pictures. Okay, Jane, YOU WIN! Your twin girls are cuter than my twin girls.

Dawn said...

I can't figure out which is funnier, the photo of that mustache on her, or Katie's thought of "what she is being treated for"! I'm crying I'm laughing so hard!

I saw those mustaches the other day and thought that was a weird prize. Sofie actually thought about getting it, and I told her no. I guess I should have said yes.

I'm so glad she's okay and the photos are adorable!

Alyse said...

I'm so glad she's ok! I LOVE the picture with the funny!

Caroline Kingsley said...

This made me laugh so hard! I guess there's always a silver lining.

Great pictures, too. I'm sure it helps that you have such adorable kids to work with.

Katherine said...

They are so adorable.

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