Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Just us Girls

My sister Aileen came to town for a girls weekend, no kids.
Lots of shopping food and non stop laughter. The only thing that would have
made it more fun would be my sister Katie.
Are we the only ones that seem to revolve our fun around food?
We had:
So Cupcake
Setebellos (Authentic Italy Pizza)
Fresh Brigham City peaches
Village Baker sandwiches
chocolate caramel pretzels
chocolate Dunford donuts
We managed to shop too: Roberts, Bath & Body, Home Again, Black Goose,
TJ Maxx/ Home Goods, EmilyJane, Hip and Humble, Anthropologie, Target.

My personal favorite moments from the weekend that I want to remember:

Put the donuts in the trunk!, Dawn- leave the shirt hanging to the Target employees, SLN on PBS, Dawn screaming bloody murder when a cupcake started to fall (everyone in Setebello's heard that one). Am I missing any girls?

When you have out of town visitors where are your must go places and do you love to eat when you get together like we obviously do, what are your favorite local treats?


kami @ said...

I still want to try Settebellos. (sp?) I've heard it is so good! And is all about the food for us too! Sounds like my kind of fun!

Andrea said...

Food makes EVERYTHING better!

Stacie Aho said...

Those cupcakes look heavenly!

Brooke said...

Holy cow! I am so jealous of this fun time you got to have with your sister! It sounds fabulous!

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